Mileage is a multi-tasking brand with wheelers of entertainment which organizes “The impossible show” for the physically challenged individuals with talents, Mileage outreach program for the aged and Mileage sex movement.
Mileage also has a proposed clinic for easy medical attention and intervention to our patients.
Mileage will also reach out to the depressed individuals through Mileage Library as we are on the trail of publishing quote book “Golden tints of heavenly blue ” to help people attain to level God made for them.
There is also wheeler for products under the brand for communities around us
The founder of mileage is in person of MR OKOLO IKECHUKWU INNOCENT, who happens to be a medical practitioner,writer, emotional coach and a social entrepreneur.
Mission of Mileage : To sensitise communities (parents and teenagers) across the globe on child rights and abuse, teenage pregnancy,sex awareness through “Mileage sex movement” and providing possible medical attention, Counselling to victims and helping the talented physically challenged individuals across the globe fulfill their dreams through THE IMPOSSIBLE SHOW
Vision of Mileage : we visualize in future that we actualize our mission in sensitisation of millions of people through Mileage sex movement , provide medical assistant to communities through Mileage clinic and counsel victims through Mileage books.. We visualize that mileage will produce well Talented physically challenged individuals through Mileage impossible show.
The brand had their first program on the 10th February 2018, which centred on sensitizing the teenage on teenage pregnancy, sex awareness and educating the teenage on child rights and abuse. The brand intends to have subsequent programs before the year runs out. Attached here are images from their first program

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