Taraba teachers kicks against local govt autonomy


The Nigerian Union of Teachers (NUT), Taraba State Chapter, on Wednesday, stormed the Taraba State House of Assembly, to protest the proposed local government autonomy in the ongoing constitution amendment.

NUT State Chairman, Comrade Peter Julius, who led a rally of teachers to the Assembly, said the union’s position was that management, funding and payment of primary school teachers salaries should remain with the state or the federal government.

“We want management, funding and payment of primary school teachers salaries in the state to remain with the state government if autonomy is to be granted to local government in the country.

“And as a second option, salaries of primary school teachers should be drawn through first line charge from the federation account,” he said.

Julius also noted that the call by the union for payment of salaries of primary school teachers to be managed by the state government or the federal government was to stop the education sub-sector from collapsing.

“The truth remains that the state government have the obligation to safeguard the right of every child to enjoy basic education and as such would not continue to depend on local government councils for payment of salaries to primary school teachers, who at present lacks the where withal to manage education sector,” he stressed.

Responding, Speaker of the House of Assembly, Abel Peter Diah, said the House would not compromise to mortgage the future of the state.

Diah said that the future of the state depends on the quality of education for the school children now and the House would not be part of anything that would compromise their education for any reason whatsoever.

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