How to build strong and happy relationships: lifehacks for couples


The psychology of the relationship between a man and a woman has always been and will be very important topic. We are all living people and we make mistakes. Large, small, minor or very significant – we commit them every day.

Every mistake means consequences. Including for a romantic relationship. This is the way Universe is arranged.


Unfortunately, we can not accurately predict what our action or word will become. Maybe it wil bel a new, happy turn or sad end the most touching love story. But do not lose heart! Thanks to the hard work of psychologists and other specialists in the field of human behavior, we have a small guide to action that will help avoid banal and stupid mistakes and will create a solid foundation for long-term and happy relationships! Find out with Planet of Russian Brides.

Your attitude to love since the beginning

Where does our first understanding of love come from? Even when we do not yet have a personal love experience, we already unequivocally know that there is a special form of relationship between a man and a woman. Many of us take this knowledge from books or films. Do you remember how fascinating it was to follow the history of relations between the favourite heroes of famous novels or movies? Children’s naivete and immediacy perceive the world of love adventures through the prism of idealism. Many are passing this attitude (it`s better to say, these expectations) to love through the years. And they become prisoners of their own delusions for whole life. And this is the direct path to suffering.
If you are reading this article, then you are quite an adult. Most likely, you already had experience of unsuccessful romantic relationships in the recent past. So here’s the first piece of advice that will show you the way to creating a happy couple: it`s time to drop your children’s images! Most likely, you are looking for another person to get something, that  you received from your parents / grandparents / aunts / uncles / cousins ​​and so on. The warmth, love and safety that the family gives us in childhood really has something in common with the relations of adult men and women. But the differences between them are much greater than similarities.
As soon as you manage to get rid of expectations that will NEVER come true, everything will fall into place. But the empty place in your heart, which will remain from the images from childhood, will immediately take on new feelings. If you are really interested in your partner, they will grow into a REAL love. You will see, that it is much better than idealistic fakes from soap-operas that your mother used to watch when you were a child.
The psychology of relations between a man and a woman is an interesting and complex thing, but it is not worth making a labyrinth of it. Men and women have some weaknesses but you do not need to listen to audio trainings and turn your life in an infinite battlefield  to learn how to work with them . Try to be simple and the relationship will become easier. As a practical guide, we have gathered for you a set of simple rules of daily happiness, which are worth remembering for each couple:

  1. The most important thing is attention. Do not hesitate to tell your partner about your plans and dreams. Share the events that took place during the day. Be able to listen and show interest. And take the smartphone away for the time of your communication. I’m serious!
  2. Touch each other. Physical contact is very important. And it does not matter if it’s just a gentle touch or unrestrained sex. Just do it more often.
  3. Be polite. If you provide each other with some services every day and it becomes a habit, do not neglect the simple gratitude. It seems like you need a small effort to say “thank you,dear”, but the effect is very powerful.
  4. Think about what to do together. Let it be a simple hobby or a grand startup. The main thing is to give your whole heart to your new occupation. For your own sake or for the sake of your partner. Both options will have a positive effect on your relationship.

There are 4 simple rules. You do not need more. This is the foundation that will help you to build strong and happy relationships. Follow them and fill this world with love!

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