Reasons Why Some Ladies Will Never See ‘Mr Right’ – Man Shares His Views


A Nigerian man has shared his opinion on why some ladies will search their entire lives looking for Mr right, but will never found him.

Sharing his view on popular social media site, Nairaland, the man who goes by the name Wisdomkosi, penned down some points on the awkward attitude of ladies blocking them of seeing the “Mr Right” they so crave.

Read his message below:

In this write up, I will be writing about why some girls will still remain single and never see that “Mr Right” that they are seriously looking for. In life, sometimes what we are looking may be around us but because of awkward attitude, we will miss such opportunities and it will pass by. Now let’s get down to business of the day.

1) Lack of respect: Most ladies these days seem to lack respect and don’t care anymore. They don’t know that Mr Right is not looking at how beautiful or the amount of foundation or pancake on your face, what they are after is that girl who will respect them because they’re the head of the family. Even the Bible we read everyday says, wives should be submissive to their husbands. Why raising your elbow then? I think ladies who seriously is in search of Mr Right should cultivate this habit and not only cultivating it but show it out.

2) Material Ladies: Most Ladies nowadays are after material things a lot which is very bad, their eyes sharp eh pass razor blade, once a guy step out dem don use eyes wey the guy pockets and waiting dey. The cost of waiting the guy dey wear. They forget that Mr Right does not even have that time to be putting on expensive things. So ladies why can’t you overlook material things first

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