OAP Tushbee Speaks Her Mind On Apostle And The Girls


The name Apostle is a title as far as I am concern, and the fact that one carries that title doesn’t make the carrier immune to things of the flesh. Two weeks now,  if I open any internet site, I see  different caption on Apostle and the girls stories everywhere .

I am compelled to say this; some ladies should have respect for womanhood.  Why drag  your dirty lifestyle to the public? My clear stand on this case is, I see some gold diggers trying to bring down a brand some one has struggled to build over the years.

We all know that today’s church is a money making venture and where faith is sold , (if u no no, abeg go look bush) because my people perish for lack of knowledge.

This story has been lingering on for two weeks without any evidence,  no doubt,  from the stories the ladies have said so far, the Apostle is an oil well.

“According to what the ladies are saying”, it is clear that the Apostle is closing down some wells and it is affecting the lavishly lifestyle of some. If not, how can one explain the public show of shame carried out by these woman?  Some say, I am not hungry, okay , how many billionaires daughter come out with this kind of public show?or how many reasonable ladies do things like this?  Please,  ladies , did the Apostle meet you all as virgins? If no, why did you not drag the other men to the public?

My point is that, the Apostle is a human and a wealthy man at that, who is generous to woman as any sugar daddy would. Chai!!!!!!! But ladies una get mind oooo. Una hear de title, una still put head bcos of money.  Lol. I am not saying the apostle is as holy as the title implies because for me, he is a typical African man, therefore,  I don’t attach any form of innocence to  him as regards this trendy gist but all I am saying is , if u can’t show us any evidence,  please , don’t kill a brand.

When the money was gushing out  like a squirting bae, we didn’t hear a thing. Ladies, you need to work hard, focus on what is right and stop killing the image of womanhood.  sex is a pleasure, so, whoever you do it with, should stay in your head as a good or bad memory. Unless, you are a sex worker and looking for more money. It’s sad that Actress Iyabo Ojo is been dragged into this story but I will appeal to you(Iyabo Ojo) not to say a word about this.

Enough of the stale drama and baseless interviews.  Evidence will Help us nail him, if you ladies really want to prove what you want us to understand.


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