Emir Sanusi urges use of mosques for primary education


Muhammadu Sanusi II, the Emir of Kano, has urged governors of northern states to use mosques for primary education, especially in the villages.

The call was made in the Emir’s remarks at an event in the Kano Educational Week programme.

I was in Morocco sometimes ago and I asked to see their universities. They took me to mosques where I saw each serving as classrooms teaching Computer Science and other subjects,” he said.

Mr. Sanusi said mosques were not initially meant for prayers alone.

He said historically, mosques were also used for other things like marriages, scholarly activities and leadership trainings.

He urged the northern state governors who have many mosques to return to the practice so as to save money for other needs.

The Emir said if the idea was adopted, funds allocated to building schools could be channeled to training of teachers and providing for their welfare and other teaching instruments.

At the event, Kano State Governor, Abdullahi Ganduje, said the state government spent over N30 billion last year on salaries of teaching and non-teaching staff of schools in the 44 local councils of the state.

He said the programme being conducted was for the graduation of 2,500 teaching staff with National Certificate of Education and postgraduate diploma in education.
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