Sodom and Gomorrah!! Compilation of Ratchetness Photos from Kenya that will Shock You



It is no longer a secret that Kenyan ladies are turning to be the ambassadors of ratchetness and in this article we feature some of the top and craziest ratchet photos in Kenya.


Club dancing styles nowadays are all provocative and girls enjoy the riding on men to the point that they end up half naked and revealing almost everything.

ratchetness-photos-kenya-15 Back inthe days, clubs were meant for people to listen to good music and get drunk before hitting the road to go home. But of late, clubs especially in Nairobi, Machakos, Nakuru and Mombasa have become super ratchet.


Coming up with this compilation list was a daunting task given that there were thousands of ratchet images on the KE blogsphere.


Below are more ratchetness photos in Kenya;

ratchetness-photos-kenya-12 ratchetness-photos-kenya-6 ratchetness-photos-kenya-7

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