Nigeria First Regional Rap Battle On Campus (North, South, West and East)



The King Battle 2016 Nigeria Competition Registration, In 2015, NewsyTalk Records & promotions introduced a Studio Cypher where over 10 rappers from different states came to represent their state.
The basic objective of #TheKingBattle was to discover and promote young rappers in Nigerian.
Many talent hunt and shows over the years have been promoting comedians, dancers, singers, and others; few gave recognition to the Rap genre of music in Nigeria music industry. Lots of cyphers have been held in the Western region in Nigeria and few in other region. NewsyTalk Records & Production have decided to give this platform to artistes within the four regions in Nigeria institution who do rap music to participate, which will be held within campus in Nigeria and winners will get FREE Recording of their songs, courtesy NewsyTalk Records.
The King Battle is a proudly Nigerian Show. The Season One of the show, contestants are subjected to long hours, of performance.
There will be personality clashes and intense scrutiny under the careful watch of their viewers, friends, fans who will be their judge in the show. The last person standing will win. The viewers will be allowed to participate by expressing their views about the contestants. The contestants will have to impress their viewers with their rap skill. The Competition will bring the reality of the
pains and gains in the journey of becoming a Battle Rapper.
The season one of The Show will feature guest artiste who be performing.


Participation in this RapBattle is opened to every Nigerian citizen irrespective of
Race, Gender, Tribe, Ethnicity or Religion Participation is opened to Nigerians within the country provided they meet the eligibility requirements and are willing and able to cover their own travel expenses to and fro.


(Please Read through Carefully Before Applying For The Show)
The following eligibility requirements must be met for you to proceed with the application process. Note! If unable to meet all the requirements, please do not apply.
1. You must be a bona-fide Nigerian citizen.
2. You must be in excellent physical and mental health.
3. Good skill in rap.
4. Be at least 18 years or above.
5. Come with a photocopy of valid ID card.
6. Have a Photocopy of bank Payment (Teller).
7. You must be willing and able to cover all your travel expenses to and fro.
8. You must be willing and able to fully participate for the duration of the show.
9. You must be willing and able to peacefully co-exist with the other contestants who will be your co-contestant during the duration of the show.
10. You must be willing to show originals of your birth certificate, academic certificates and professional certificates (if any).
11. You must be willing to assume full responsibility for the consequences of your participation in this show.
12. You may have to fill and/or sign various documents and forms including
• an application form
• eligibility requirements agreement document
• voluntary participation agreement.
13. Neither you nor any of your immediate family members, or anyone resident in your household may be an employee, officer, producer, director or agent of any of the following entities:
• Agents
• Host
• Any sponsor of the program
• Any person involved in the development, production or distribution of the show “TheKingBattle”
• Any person or entity providing services or prizes to the Program
***You might be disqualified immediately!


At the first level the battle, contestants are given 1 min each, to battle the opponent (The Crowd Will Decide The Winner For The Second Round).

Final round contestants will perform with no instrumentals (The Crowd Will Decide The Winner).


The winner will get #3 Free Tracks recording at NewsyTalk Records,
The Second winner will get #2 Free Tracks recording at NewsyTalk Records,
The Third winner will get #1 Free Track recording at NewsyTalk Records


Contestants are to buy their forms from venues & also on-line by paying to the bank and sending copy of Teller to including necessary  details and picture to the email with Your bank Teller.

Come early to any of the venues on the date of the show to avoid miss management of data.
Registration closes 2 (two) days to the show.


Lagos State Polytechnic, Ikorodu (March 30th, 2016)


Federal Polytechnic, Nekede (–,– 2016)


Benin City
University Of Benin (–.–, 2016)


Federal Polytechnic (–,– 2016)


Buying and registration on the date of the show come early to any of the venues to get your data red before the show begging on the date of the show.

*It’s better to register before the show date*.


*Any form of Thug, taught, claims, gangster, indecency, assault from members, group, friend/family, contestants will disqualified and face the law.
*Bring/use of weapons by contestants or viewers will be handed over to security…


For more information call/Whatsapp:
NewsyTalk +2347036371346
Twitter: @NewsyTalk @TheKingBattle or visit;
Instagram: @NewsyTalk

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