4 Sets Of Nigerians by Shola Ijanusi (@shola_ijanusi)



There are 4sets of people in Nigeria right now…
1.The Biased Minded ones: These are the Most irritating of Them all. They have either collected something in form of cash or favours! Expected some favours, or have either a boss, A relative or friend who has been involved with the looser at the last election.
“To the Biased Minded ones, we should have waited another four years with someone who did nothing for six years, but they will complain about a government that is 5 months old of being too slow, the government that hasnt even cleared ministers to start working… If you’re wise, please run away from these people, they want no good for this Country, They care Only about their pockets or relatives enrichment.
Group2: The Condemners: This people don’t believe in anything or anyone. They are the people who are waiting for any little opportunity to Condemn, Whether good or bad they Condemn. These people i pity because they have no mind of their own per say, they Only react to whatever they read on tabloids or see on TV. They are easily influenced by the people at that number one spot. But they like good things too, so they Can applaud Buhari for electricity today and abuse Buhari for appointing so so and so tomorrow. Also in this group people fighting to own… (That one is story for another day)
Group 3 – The Mind My Business People: The people in this 3rd group don’t care about whatever going on in the Country, they are neither interested in politics or what is happening around them, they Just want to go to work Then back home, or might even have no work and still don’t care. They are the non challant ones, and this Country can not grow with this kind of people.
GROUP 4: The Support Group: (The ordinary Nigerian who isn’t influenced by talks only) This is where we all need to be, This is the group that should support and trust the government, atleast from now until 2019, whether you voted for GEJ or was expectant of him, we now have a new President for all of us, We should all support and flight for him until 2019, Then we would Evaluate and compare. Don’t over believe everything you read from all these politicians, and don’t belong to any political Party. So when ever they share rice you don’t forget that you have about 200 million other Nigerians who can’t have that rice.
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