African man dies during SEX with wife



A Chihota man reportedly died during a s*x session with his wife in Chihota on Wednesday.

Bonisto Nhunge, 54, of Chigodora village, a popular bricklayer, is believed to have had a misunderstanding with his wife, Patricia Kudzanai Mutambiranwa, 36, over infidelity on the fateful night.

The whole village was awash with speculation that Patricia pulled Bonisto’s testicles immediately after having coitus with him leading to his untimely death.

However Patricia refuted the allegations saying she was shocked to witness Bonisto losing POWER during s*x before he suddenly collapsed to his death. “We were having s*x and while he was busy doing me, I discovered that he was losing energy and he then laid his head on my side and collapsed,” Patricia said.

“I quickly informed his sister and by the time she arrived he had already passed on and I am surprised since he never complained of any illness. “We had some differences here and there since he was spending money with prostitutes and as a builder some would pay him in kind. On the fateful day, he took time with his sister talking until late before he came to retire to bed and we had s*x.

“I never pulled his test*cles as is being alleged. People are suspicious since they knew the previous issues that were circulating in the village of his infidelity,” said Patricia.

Bonisto’s sister, Keina Nhunge, 49, said she was shocked by the sudden death of her brother since he had no known ailment. “Maybe his wife knows if he was being treated on any of the diseases but as for e, I never heard him complaining of any problem, ” said Kezina.

“He was a loving brother and many times he would come to y house and he used to share jokes much before he retired to bed.

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