UNILAG Girl Rape Saga: She wanted Money and Car from Me


Naija 1Stephanie Okereke’s brother, Daniel Okereke, has finally broken his silence on the controversial saga:

It took me a while to react to these baseless allegations about my good self because I had to investigate to know if it was truly me they were referring to or someone was impersonating me. I wouldn’t have responded but for the numerous innocent readers who may have been misled by this untrue publications which was never verified before going public.

I thought that balanced reportage had to do with getting both sides of the story. What happened between me and my estranged friend [UNILAG babe] was a case of a woman who claimed she was heartbroken because she discovered I am in a very serious relationship. She flared up when she realized and started demanding that I must settle her since I was not taking her seriously not to talk of marrying her.

She demanded for two million naira (N2m) and a Toyota Yaris car as settlement else she would scandalize my name and that I know I wouldn’t want that since according to her I come from a popular and wealthy background.

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