PLEASE HELP: My Future Brother in-Law is Against My Coming Marriage


woman-depressed1Dear Readers,

I have known my fiancé for over 7years now, but we started dating officially a year ago and we got engaged last month. I have met most of his family members (his mum, sisters, brothers, nieces and nephews, uncles). They all seem to like me, most especially his mum, she calls me constantly. And I am glad about that.

But I have a problem with one of his elder brothers who happens to be the richest in the family. From the first day my fiancé introduced me to him, he’s been giving me so kinda attitudes. I told my fiancé about my worries but he said there’s nothing to worry about, that his brother is always like that.

To cut the story short.

Two days ago, I read a text between my fiancé and his brother. His brother told him that he (brother) took his time to look for a wife and he ended up marrying a rich girl from a rich home. That since my fiancé has decided he wants to marry a poor girl (me) *sad face* who will be a liability on him, he should go ahead but he is not in support.

Now my finance’s brother has collected his car, asked my fiancé to stop working for him and he also asked him to stop coming to his house all because of me.

I feel bad about two things here:

One, he called me poor and a liability. It’s really saddening.

Two, my fiancé is going through a lot because of me.

Should I just break up with him so that things can go back to normal between him and his brother? Even though his attitude towards me hasn’t changed and he keeps saying “Since my mum likes you, you have nothing to worry about”.

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