Hot!: Temptation! Stripper-rapper Nya Lee Is hotter than Nicki, Amber, Kim K – Photos



Nya Lee sports the Amber Rose’ haircut, possesses the Nicki Minaj booty and bares her curvy body like Kim K… but she is hotter than all three.

It is not everyday you see women hot enough to contend with people like Nicki Minaj, Amber Rose or Kim Kardashian.

But Bronx-born rapper and exotic dancer Nya Lee, will definitely give them a run for the sexy crown, any day, anytime.

Nya Lee is one of New York’s hottest socialites and she is as hot as they come.

She sports the Amber Rose kind of haircut, possesses the Nicki Minaj booty and is as bold as Kim K in baring her assets to the eyes of the world.

But is she hot? Oh yeah!

You should see the curves on her body!

Stripping and rapping are not commonly mixed, Nya Lee gives no damn about anyone’s opinion.

“Why explain myself when you probably made up the way you feel about me any way,” she wrote on her Instagram profile.

Word is she is working on her mixtape which may feature French Montana.

Before the mixtape, lets appreciate another beauty of creation.

Nya-Lee- Nya-Lee Nya-ee

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