5 Reasons Why You Are Still Single And May Be For Long


It is every lady’s dream that wants to get married to settle down with a man that adores, cherishes her, respects her and her wishes, makes her feel like the luckiest woman in the world; in short, to meet the man that will make every woman green with envy, a man of her dreams but as women want the fairy-tale kind of relationship, some settle for lesser than they deserve and they end up tying the knot with their worst nightmare.

The experience of other married relatives, friends, siblings and neighbors have scarred some people and has made them give up totally on finding any guy who will really make them happy.

1. Your Belief About Men In General: As pointed out earlier, many believe that good men existed only in the days of their fore-fathers.


2. Your Lack Of Understanding Of What Relationship Is All About: Just as the belief of good men gone and buried, many have different beliefs about what relationship is all about. Most ladies today do not know what being in a relationship entails and then get it all wrong.


3. Your Lack Of Commitment: Many women want the best but how many are willing to commit themselves to a relationship? No relationship can work with a resistance from you to fully commit yourself to a relationship, so you have to work to make it happen. Sacrifices are inevitable in relationships.


4. Your Lack Of Character:  Many want the Cinderella kind of love but have zero character to make it work. Keeping a good man is not about spending hours at the salon or in front of a mirror; although taking good care of yourself matters a lot too in keeping a man but you need to have a very good character to make him stay.


5. Your Standards Are Too Low Or Too High: Do you want a man that drives a 10million Naira car with a house in 1004 estate with great body, handsome face irrespective of what he does for living or how he treats you? Or do you settle for everybody that comes your way including the tout shouting “wole pelu change e” at the bus stop? Or once a man shows the slightest inkling that he likes you, you are quick to bombard him with your needs or throw your legs open? Your standards are a reflector of your inner person; most times.


Finding the man of your dreams requires always adding positive more to yourself. It is not just about the fact that you are fine, sexy, religious, learned, intelligent, rich, from a good home, a respectable background but about understanding the true meaning of what companionship and commitment is all about; one cannot work without the other

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