Lance Gross Snaps Gorgeous Images Of Pregnant Zena Foster


Actor Lance Gross may end up being the go-to photographer for pregnant women.  He snaps them so beautifully!

On the heels of his Kelly Rowland Elle Magazine shoot, the part-time actor flexed his photography muscles again by capturing a few amazing pics of R&B singer Tank’s girlfriend, Zena Foster. The entertainment correspondent and dancer, who’s expecting her second child with Tank, served as a muse for Lance as he snapped a few gorgeous images of Zena baring her baby bump in two different outfits.

Take a look:

The way he beautifully photographs pregnant women, he’s really making himself out to be the go-to photographer if you’re ever with child. Check out these images he took of Kelly Rowland, and his fiancée Rebecca Jefferson in the Photo Gallery!

Lance-Gross-Shoots-Zena-Fosters-Pregnancy-Photos-2 Lance-Gross-Shoots-Zena-Fosters-Pregnancy-Photos-3 Lance-Gross-Shoots-Zena-Fosters-Pregnancy-Photos-1

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