2 Nigeria’s Ex militants with a heart of Gold Ateke Tom



The name must ring a bell for indigenes of Rivers state and other parts of the Niger Delta. He is a native of Okrika, the home town of the First Lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Patience Jonathan. He was a passionate freedom fighter for the people of Niger delta between 2005-2010, until Amnesty intervened to stop the back and forth disagreement between the militants and the Federal Government.

Several years down the line High Chief Ateke Tom have put the past behind to become one of Rivers State most revered personality as his passion for the total liberation of the people of Niger Delta continues in a more respectable fashion. He has personally empowered over 1000 young people from all over the Niger Delta region in the last 4 years and still counting. He is also believed to be an instrumental figure in the rapid development of his oil rich home town of okirika, having commissioned several roads, bridges, Streetlights, hospitals and schools.

Ateke tom is also one of the biggest fan of Nollywood and Nigerian Music and have been popularly conferred the rare title “The God Father of the Niger Delta” by so many celebrities in the Entertainment industry. Ateke Tom’s love for entertainment goes beyond words as he has been sponsoring several Nollywood Actors  and funding many big Artists in Nigeria. He also hosts countless artists and actors including upcoming talents his private Estate home every weekend.

The most beautiful trait of Ateke Tom is his love and passion for giving and helping people which contrasts his personality in the past. A reliable source who has visited him several times revealed that the God Father as he is popularly called receives and average of 50 visitors daily from all walks of life; and over 60% of these visitors come for financial assistance ranging from School fees, House rents, business start up, hospital bills and so on. And according to testimonials, he never says no to needy people irrespective of your sex, tribe or age.

Ateke Tom is a perfect gentleman for the singular reason that he gives everyone a listening ear and eventually backs it with his fine act of giving. He is currently in the race to become the next Governor of Rivers state, while strongly campaigning for the re-election of President Goodluck Jonathan. God bless his works and pursuits.


Ayiri Emani

They call him the “Akulagba 1 of Warri”. Ayiri Emani is a renowned oil mogul and ex militant from the Niger Delta. He is the owner of 911 Hotels and Resort, 911 Entertainment and several multimillion dollar firms. The warri based billionaire is not only rich, he love to give and make people happy. In short, you cannot meet him one-on-one and remain the same financially.

He is the guy that allegedly bankrolled 2 Face’s wedding in Dubai and also hold the record of the most expensive wedding in the history of Nigeria, How can we forget the lavish in those weddings. Some called him ‘Money Miss Road’, others said he was an international fraudster and national scam lord, but his life style and passion is proving those accusations are mere acts of hates than true, because of the mind blowing testimonies of his investment in people and the Niger delta at large.

Ayiri is not the Akulagba 1 of Warri for nothing; he is a deserving holder of that title given his passion in empowering the people of Delta State by every means possible to better their lives. He took it upon himself to ensure the youths of his state have Jobs as he bosses over 700 employees in his vast chain of businesses. He occasionally offers supplies to widows, small scale farmers, and poor students to keep hope alive in them.

Oloye as he is popularly called by his friends love Entertainment to his bones and he goes to any length to enjoy good music. He is seen countless times inviting several A-list Artists to his private lounge in Warri to entertain him and he pays them huge amount of money. He established his 911 entertainment company to discover and bank roll talented but less privilege Singers, especially from the Niger Delta region. He believes that any and everything good can come out of the Niger Delta.

He is also major sponsors and funder of many Nigeria’s big Comedy icons till date. He is a gentle man to the core and can be a friend to just anybody. If you are a talented singer or comedian and you are good at what you do, Ayiri will be your friend; it’s only a matter of time. God bless his life and his goals


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