British Girl Caught on Video Performing Sex Acts on 23 Men for Free Drinks



A British girl in Magaluf, Spain was filmed performing sex acts on 23 men in a bid to win a cheap bottle of Cava. Cava is sparkling wine made in the same way champagne is made but it is a cheap substitute.

A police inquiry has been launched last night after the footage of the video appeared on line. It shows her working her way through holidaymakers at the club.

Women’s rights groups in Spain and the authorities on the island are said to be furious over the video the moment it went viral.

It is a two-minute video and it was published on a local website. The girl was wearing pink bomb shorts and a white vest top and she is seen moving from one man to another. The crowd goes crazy as a DJ counts the number of men she ‘blows’ as he plays Sexy and I Know It. People can be seen taking photos on their mobile phones.

This apparently is the latest trend in Magaluf and there have been complaints and clubs have bee regulated. The act is called ‘Mamading’.

Mamading is a contest in which women are encouraged to perform as many public blow-jobs in as short a time possible – all in exchange for free drinks.

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