ADVICE NEEDED: My Boyfriend Found Indecent Photos I Sent To A Guy On My Phone, What Do I Do?



Hi Web Admin,
I will like you to post this, am a frequent reader of your site though I don’t drop any comment but I do enjoy reading through, it bring a lot of smiles to my face.
I will like peeps on your blog to advice me on what to do.
I am 26yrs old, a working class lady and met a guy recently on one of the social networks. We kicked off a relationship early enough. We seem to be totally in love until I visited him. I am never a serious girl when it comes to guys, I had guys who were around just to play with, but when I met this particular guy I decided to be serious.
I remember telling him early enough that there was a guy I was with but we aren’t serious, guess he forgot.
I travelled over to pay him a visit where he works and lives, we had the best time (even though he isn’t so good in bed) I went on Friday and was to come back on Monday. Only for him to read through my messages while I was sleeping on Sunday night and saw my thrash with the other guy, the indecent pictures we shared and all. The next morning I got to know and the rest is history. I begged and begged, he wouldn’t listen in the beginning but finally accepted.
He said he was coming to Lagos 2 weeks after, I waited to see him called and called and called, he didn’t pick his calls. I sent him a text and he didn’t reply I kept quite hoping he will come around, only for me to notice he deleted me off bbm and wouldn’t talk to me again.
It’s been 2 months even though I bought myself a car just to make myself happy but I can’t just take my mind off him, I call him often with a line he doesn’t know just to hear his voice and just this morning he caught me and sent me a text never to call his number again that he doesn’t have anything against me.
All I need now is advise on what to do. Abusing me is permitted but u can also be in my situation.”

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