Corruption Must Die For Nigeria To Live – Falae



National Chairman, Social Democratic Party (SDP), Chief Olu Falae, has called for total eradication of corruption in the country.

Falae, who made the call during a press conference, said corruption has become “a most devastating evil facing this generation.”

Listing the challenges that the country has encountered as a result of corruption, Chief Falae said, “In our country today, we face intimidating challenges of mass poverty, insecurity, fears and looting of the treasury at all levels of government. Take the example of what happens in our transport sector, we are painfully aware of how deplorable and dangerous many of our so called express roads are.

“Quite often, government engineers and consultants design roads to high and even international standards, and contracts are awarded on the basis of such design standards. But at the stage of construction, quite often, standards are compromised and downgraded by the contractors in collusion with the supervising engineers and others who share the money saved as a result of such conspiracy.

“The poor quality of roads, which results from immoral and unethical collaboration, has led to ghastly motor accidents and the deaths and maiming of innocent travellers. ”
On how the SDP hoped to contribute to making Nigeria a graft-free country, Chief Falae stated that the party has what it takes to lead the nation out of prevailing fears, poverty and corruption.

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