My Boyfriend Took My Nudé Photo; Now He Wants to Dump Me


please dont blame me because I really love this guy that was why we took the nudé pictures while he was making love to me in his place and I don’t think anything is bad about it.

He has been taking care of me in every way for the last two years and each time he tries to take my pic when am not putting on clothes I don’t allow it until last month when I spend weekend in his place. While we were busy in bed he brought out his phone and took pictures of him on top me. I was shy but had to allow him.

When we were done, I came down from the bed and he took two more photos of me…

I didn’t complain because I love him but I told him to change the password on his phone so that his friends or any other person wont see the photos, because I was not wearing anything at all. He agreed and even changed his password before I left his place that Saturday.

But since that day he has been acting funny, not calling me for a whole day, and even when I call he will say he is busy and all that. I complained to his sister on phone and she promised to talk to him but it got worse.

Now, just last week he said he can’t continue with me again that I’m not free with him. How else should I be free with him? I know that I dont make love with him the way he wants but that is cos we are not married.

My nudé photos are in his phones and he said I should not come to his place again.

Please what should I do? I still love him.

– Endurance

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