Has Your Well-Intended Fashion Gone Wrong?


Gold medallions, large hooped earrings, strange armbands. All of these fall into the category of lovely attire when you’re attending a fancy dress party dressed as Boy George, but in trying to be as cool as Gwen Stefani or Fergie every day with big chunks of bling, realistically girls, you’d look lost.

The Risks
Big earrings run the risk of being caught in the most strangest of places and the next thing you know, your ear is half-way down your face. Gold medallions are so ’70s, but they also cause unnecessary baggage for your neck. By pulling your neck down with the weight of such excessive jewelry, you’ll find yourself with a stiff neck and constantly in a forward inclining position over time.

How to Avoid It
There is no alternative. Just keep it simple. Wearing light, simple jewelry brings out one’s real elegance and not the heavy stuff which focuses on the jewelry as opposed to your natural features.

These may satisfy the rebel in you, but for how long? As you get older and wiser, you’ll still have a memento of your teenage angst.
Apart from dangerous health implications with tattoos and piercing, anything of this sort on the face is the worst case scenario. You would hardly look presentable in a work case situation, making you highly unemployable, by having your favorite rapper’s name tattooed across your forehead or a tribal design on your cheekbone.

The Risks
Apart from the obvious AIDS and HIV threat from using infected needles, there is also the risk of hitting a nerve or vein leading to the brain, causing paralysis. Having a piercing on your face has many risks like skin infections, rashes, and possibly, the worst case scenario is deformity.

How to Avoid It
If you want a tattoo, of course it’s fine to go and get one. But choose wisely where you will have it. Pick somewhere more discreet or somewhere more acceptable, like your arms or your lower back. Piercing comes really down to you and what you can handle but try keeping it simple, the ears and your belly button are cute as opposed to your face.

By far, one of the most dangerously endorsed celebrity trend is anorexic waif-like girls swaying down the runway and staring vacantly up at us from fashion mags. In the early 90’s, Kate Moss revived the reed thin body trend originally sported by the ’70s model, Twiggy. But the skeletal frames and means by which one attempts to getting it would shock even her. Achieved by self starvation and sticking one’s finger down the throat to induce vomiting, the Size Zero craze has lead to girls looking more like stick insects rather than a super hot model.

The Risks
It is not simply dangerous to your physical health (fatigue, missed menstruation, failing kidneys and heart failure) but also to your mental health. The need to be thin and fit into Size Zero clothing is the number one cause for depression among teenage girls. An epidemic of anorexia and bulimia among women of all ages can be related to this craze too.

How to Avoid It
Thankfully, there are certain things that are being done, although slowly, to help counteract people’s warped sense of beauty. Over the recent years we’ve seen a few significant changes. Models that were too thin were not allowed to walk the runway in Spain. Tyra Banks had included plus size models on her show, “America’s top model”, and soap brand Dove had done a complete ad campaign to encourage the acceptance that women of all ages, sizes, and colors are beautiful.

Apart from these, to prevent these fashion trends, people must be informed about the mess they could land in if they blindly follow such misogynistic conformity. We should learn to accept our bodies for what it is and not fall prey to someone else’s idea of beauty. Making sure one stays attractive is one thing but dying (literally) for it isn’t. Trends come and go, and what’s in now will be passé tomorrow. You could shrink to a Size Zero, or wear outrageous clothes and bling, or play graffiti on your body with tattoos and streaks, but then, would that really make you pretty? Or would you just find yourself waiting for the next pea-brained celeb trend to follow? Size Double Zero, perhaps?


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