SEE The Mess Going On In Night Clubs In Lagos


Activities at night clubs and bars in some parts of Lagos State have positive and negative influences. Lagos does not lag behind when it comes to grandiose shows. Some people would even prefer to drum home this fact by using the slogan, ‘Eko for show’, a catchphrase for Lagos’ high-flying status.
“At night clubs, one can socialise and get useful business connections. On the negative, they can promote extreme indulgence in alcoholism and sexual escapades. There is a tendency for one to consume more alcoholic drinks than required. Commercial sex workers also loiter around such places. Someone who lacks self control may be tempted to want to have a feel of anyone of them.”

Punch’s GBENGA ADENIJI reports that this love for spectacle is noticeable in the merriment which club houses in the state dish out from time to time. The state government once said residents of the state spend over N1bn on parties and entertainment every month.

Every week, there is usually a place for fun seekers to hang out in various parts of the metropolis. In fact, there are now night clubs in some residential areas. It is not unusual these days to see fun spots springing up where residential buildings were once erected. From Ikeja, Surulere, Oshodi, Akowonjo, Iyana Ipaja, Abule Egba, Ogba to Ikorodu and other areas in the state, Friday is usually a special day.

On this day, music blares from every nook and cranny till dawn. The fun, which starts midweek in some parts, reaches a crescendo on Friday. Some singers, especially those in the hip hop and juju genres, have even made special releases on the importance of Friday in the start of a weekend of merry-making.

As it rocks in Lagos, the same happens in Port Harcourt, Abuja and other notable cities in the country. Drinks of all types usually accompany the entertainment. A recent data has shown Nigeria as one of the leading countries with high champagne consumption.

A dispatch rider, Henry Smith, who was sighted at a night club in Iyana Ipaja area of Lagos State, said siting relaxation centres within residential areas have some merits and demerits.

He said apart from noise pollution and security threat which they could pose to such areas, they provide on-the-move relaxation to residents. Smith further said the level of noise from worship centres could sometimes be more than what emanates from night clubs.

He said, “These club houses pay all manner of taxes to local governments in their domains. They employ security men to ensure orderliness. Some people even feel safe when they get to a place and see a night club there. The people trooping into the club and the noise coming out from there often light up the environment. Nigeria is a place where people work hard to survive. You can imagine what the situation will be if there are no places to unwind.”

He added that fun spots could attract people of questionable characters into a neighbourhood thereby endangering the safety of occupants.

A worker with an international courier company, Rotimi Oyeneyin, described night clubs as venues for extreme fun seekers to unwind.

He said even though there was nothing bad in hanging out in a club after a hard day’s job, it could be extreme when one stayed throughout the night. Oyeneyin added that night clubs could encourage alcoholism and sexual recklessness.

He also said besides the huge noise pollution from night clubs, there had been cases of auto crashes arising from drunkenness of people coming from such places.

Oyeneyin said, “But one cannot rule out the fact that night clubs are best places to relax after working so hard. Apart from relaxing, one can meet individuals who can lead one to meaningful business deals.”

A banker, who lives on Jonathan Coker in New Oko-Oba, Lagos, Princewill George, expressed displeasure over the building of night clubs within residential areas. According to him, such club houses only harbour criminals whose activities make residents uncomfortable.

George said, “I know what I experience every night with the noise pollution from night clubs in my area. On weekends, males and females besiege the clubs to enjoy. Cars are often parked haphazardly on the road, with music playing at a deafening level.”

Also, a resident in Oke-Ira, Ogba, whose house is near a night club, Mr. Alphonsus Edward, said he hardly sleeps every Friday. He stated that he struggles to cope with a noise from the speakers of the club and that of a record seller few metres away from his house.

Edward said, “I know that listening to music is one of the ways customers in the club enjoy themselves. But I do not think it is necessary for the music to filter to those who are outside the club. I wonder how those inside the club enjoy the noise because it even disturbs those outside.”

If you frequent night clubs, make sure you watch you back, as there are some guys who are out to “loot”

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