DOWNLOAD Video:Married Businessman and Female Media Executive sextape


A screenshot from the video showing Nyaradzo's face

A screenshot from the video showing Nyaradzo’s face

A sex tape featuring a married Chitungwiza businessman and a top AMH executive which leaked a few months ago has found its way online courtesy of endeavors Moles. We were itching to lay our hands on it but the sources were a bit troublesome, a few days ago we got a lucky break today and acquired it.

The businessman, identified as Ngoni Mhuriro of Zengeza 2, who operates commuter omnibuses, enjoyed quality time with his lover whose name we have identified as Nyaradzo Chimbamba. Nyaradzo is a top marketing executive at AMH the company behind Newsday, Zimbabwe Independent, Standard and Southern Eye.

Nyaradzo Chimbamba

Nyaradzo Chimbamba, the woman in the sextape, she describes herself as tall and sexy on her Facebook profile

It would appear Nyaradzo is a fantastic Bedroom executive too!!! According to her facebook profile, she describes herself as sexy and Tall. In the video the camera captures her gyrating bums as she breaks into little dance for the for the viewers while stark naked.

All hell broke loose when the blue movie exchanged hands. No protection was used in this act. Contacted to issue his comment, Ngoni was shocked and immediately switched off his phone. “Aaah ndezvekunyepa,” he said before switching off his mobile phone. Ngoni and his mistress shot the 22 minute long video in a dingy room. The two took turns to record pictures and videos of the juicy act. The original video was 22 minutes long and a staggering 65 megabytes in size. The last 12 minutes of the video are blank as the cameras appear to have fallen down when the two got down to serious business. Only excited moans were emanating from the video so we had to trim it to the first 9 minutes which shows clearly.

“He sold his phone after it was no longer functional and it is still a mystery how the sex tape was discovered. He is married, I know his wife, and this is his girlfriend,” said a mole who declined to be named.

During the session, Nyaradzo advised Ngoni not to take her to court over the videos. “Haikona kuzindiendesa kucourt ka, because this is evidence,” she said. Ngoni further warned her that they were committing an offence for recording the video (pornographic material) “Zvinosungisa zvatiri kuitaizvi unozviziva here zvekutorana mapictures.” And the lover thought it was illegal to have sex.

“Zvei zvekusv***a, you are mad man,” she said.

You can download the video by clicking the image below. Its about 20 Megabtyes and 10 mins, forgive us for the large size but we did all we could to get it from 65 megabytes to 20mb without jeopardising the quality.


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