DOWNLOAD VIDEO: The craziest employees male and female factory workers Doing It … damn { LEAK }


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The craziest employees  male and female factory workers… damn! Especially all those over night workers. They do crazy things. Even when there was no night shift work, some of them would just claim they have night-shift, and if you look into the matter very well… of course! They have it… enjoyable one. Not just factory workers, most people that work and sleep in their working place could be doing something else aside work.  According to source, a male employees have been leaving his duties to attend to a different job. I don’t really know if he is a factory worker or gateman, but from the way he acted at the end of the video, i believe he is either a gateman or a driver. He actually looks like my Nigerian brother… lol. But i’m sure he is a Ghanaian… ahahahaha…


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