Why I Quit My Relationship With Beverly – Angelo


Just a few days after news that Angelo Collins may have left his Nigerian Big Brother The Chase lover, Beverly for his old girlfriend, there is now reason to think otherwise.

He took to his Facebook page to explain why his relationship with Beverly hit the rocks and added that he does not think he should be in a relationship right now.

This comes days after his former girlfriend SA model Candice Arends flaunted their rekindled romance on Twitter by posting photos of the two of them hanging out and being flirty. Hmm, could it be that he’s just trying to get her to stop putting their business online?

Angelo wrote;

“I love u guys even the ones that hate…right now I need clarity…not chaos & scrutiny,I need to focus on what’s important, my youth develoment programs and my family,I don’t think I should be in a relationship right now it overshadows what I really wanna do,I hope u guys can respect me for my decision*thanks to everyone that supported me”

Well, we hope his explanation is good enough for everyone.

Credit: Ameyaw Debrah

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