James Bond! Tomorrow Never Dies.

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Yes, that’s the name of one of the most successful James Bond movies ever. “Tomorrow never dies”.


But do you even know what it means?


Now, take a cerebral walk with me, through the boulevards of Delphic telepathy to decipher its metaphors.

Tomorrow never dies. You have two choices: you can conquer, excel and join the league of people to change our world or keep complaining, making excuses, blaming our government, God and parents for where you are while others succeed. “E go better” don’t know how, you just believe and hope you’d succeed tomorrow, right? Yeah right!


Tomorrow is tomorrow, full stop.


Go light years ahead for tomorrow, chance and time is relative.

Tomorrow never dies for the future is really not just a place in time. It’s everything you were created to do but haven’t done. It’s everything you can be but haven’t yet become.


Stop sleeping, for real dreams don’t dwell there. They do in actions.


In the words of John Legend, “your future started yesterday, we are almost late!”


Here’s something I figured out:


Our world is filled with three kinds of people, 1. Those who thought and never did  2. Those who did and never thought and then the third and the few successful sets, those who thought and did!


To succeed, decode the strategy in this scrambled hierarchy



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The Clues;

The challenge has always been, “how do you move from IDEAS to effective scheme of PLANS, the STEPS and PRINCIPLES to invoke grace and favour, the discipline, the TOOLS and TECHNIQUES to follow through into PROJECTS, then into PRODUCTS, with the right marketing STRATEGY to turn it into a BUSINESS and a great BRAND!”.

This can be taught.


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