Must read: Check out the consequences of female másturbation



The influence of másturbation on the physical and mental health have a significant gender difference. In general, moderate in terms of masturbátion for men there is no damage, to alleviate the sexuál tension is also more beneficial; but unmarried woman masturbátion, if not often also cause varying degrees of harm and strong and frequent masturbátion would cause a variety of adverse consequences, the most prominent troubles that led to infertility. According to the survey indicated that young girls in recent years, the incidence of masturbátion was a clear upward trend, which is harmless to promote some of masturbátion have a certain relationship, but also with the social atmosphere tends to open too many, and many media related to neutral, the result is a woman The incidence of infertility also increased.

The second woman masturbátion consequences: reproductive tract infections and other gynecological diseases

Reproductive system infection is a major source of infertility, but also the bitter fruit of one of the women’s masturbátion. Defense function unmarried woman is not very healthy vaginá, vaginál mucosa more vulnerable, in the stimulation of foreign body prone to congestion and edema, and mucosal damage, thereby opening the door for the bacteria invade. If masturbátion tools unsanitary, it more susceptible to infection. Such as:

1, some women like to masturbáte with fruits and vegetables, on which the pesticide or bacteria on the vaginál mucosa can cause serious damage and even lead to pesticide poisoning.

2, some women prefer the sleek glass as masturbátion tools, the results of broken glass embedded in the vaginá, causing vaginál trauma or even bleeding.

3, more women would másturbate with a fing er, the fin ger is inevitable due to exposure to a variety of items with many bacteria, especially the possession of dirt contaminated nail cracks, no end of trouble. All these dirty masturbátion, they often lead to vaginitis, cervicitis, endometritis and salpingitis severe cases can also lead to peritonitis, sepsis and other inflammatory repeated destruction of endometrium and fallopian tubes can lead to injuries such as muscle scar formation, mucociliary necrosis eventually lead to tubal obstruction and motility dysfunction, marriage can seriously affect the eggs, sp erm and fertilized egg implantation operation, resulting in infertility or ectopic pregnancy. Frequent masturbátion unmarried women, pelvic congestion syndrome, the incidence of dysmenorrhea and other diseases is quite high.

The third woman masturbátion consequences: psychological barriers

In addition, the psychological barriers to masturbation, it can cause infertility; some women due to frequent masturbátion, physical illness, coupled with sexuál life after marriage is difficult to obtain the desired results, the results of ideological burdens are heavy, some people can also occur ; to add a lot of difficulties in childbirth.

The bitter fruit of the four women masturbátion: urinary tract infections

In addition, some women do not know the location of the genitál organs, masturbátion activities, often mistaken for the urethrá vágina can also be comfortable and rewarding. According to the research, the urethrá have a certain “swallowing” capability, coupled with the female urethrá is short and straight, when the foreign body with a short time as a masturbátion tool, it is easy to urinary bladder foreign body aspiration, if the fear of being laughed at others, not exposed to the truth, do not want to go to hospital for treatment, it is prone to recurrent acute urinary retention and urinary tract infections and reproductive tract infections that they can influence each other and may form a vicious circle.

Infertile woman in front of young girls who often during másturbation, she is more likely to pay attention to hygiene is not a serious infection of the reproductive system, but it will often discomfort; long-term mild inflammation of the reproductive system will also seriously affect the healthy development of risks to the marriage before exposed.

Experts advise: female másturbation before marriage is the inevitable problems of many women, moderate masturbátion can relieve sexuál tension, occasionally too great attention can not but be sure to health, in particular, there is untimely can not be taboo vaginál health. Unmarried women is best to focus on learning, work and useful hobby and learning and proper understanding of sexuál knowledge, sexuál problems frankly to treat masturbátion as little as possible to ensure a normal s ex life after marriage and fertility health

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