I want to blackmail her to pay her back



Hello Mama Zimbi. my name is Nana Yaw, my problem is that, I was dating a girl when I was in S.H.S and as well as she too. We dated for almost 2 years, she false me to have a blood covenant with her which I was not accepting that. But as how ladies are somehow good in convincing guys, she was able to convince me to have the blood covenant. We had the covenant 3 times but not on the same day. In fact, Mama, we said a lot when we were having the covenant because we meant for each other. I told her I have to find myself some work to proceed on our future which she also agreed.

I moved from Kumasi to Accra here and try to get a job. Yes, by God’s grace and mercy,I had a job. So I went back to Kumasi to bring all my belonging to Accra. I went and saw her, we had a conversation ,so it was the conversation in which I told her, her reaction towards me has totally changed,and she was also bold enough and tell me yes it is because she has found a guy but she still loves me. I asked her for how long did they met?,she said about a week now. She continued by telling me she even had sex with the guy a day before I came to Kumasi.

I asked her,and what of the covenant we had?  She told me I should forget about it, because she has told her pastor and they have canceled it so it’s no more working on her. She gave me my the promise ring I gave her and other things I bought for her,but I never collected them back. We spent some hours at a guest house and departed to our various houses. So I later realized I have her naked pics and videos which I want to also blackmail her.And besides, I have not canceled my covenant yet. So Mama, my question is: should I blackmail her as a tit for tat ? and is the covenant also working on me?

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