SAM_1369SAM_1362IMG-20130731-00363IMG-20130731-00370Few weeks after his sign on with G K Music (a subsidiary of OIL BLOC GROUP)  on his birthday 30th july,2013 the ON A KUM KUM  crooner RIQQI a.k.a *show Boy* celebrated is success in an orphanage at Port-Harcourt,he said “rather than Merrying and POPing expensive drinks with friends in nite club,I decided to give to the less privilege because that’s the best way I feel I can say thank you to God for what he has done for me,and moreover giving opens, closed Doors” Riqqi also got himself a friend at the orphanage a cute white baby,which he told the matron of the orphanage that he would be coming to check on him from time to time and also to support them with the little he has. Visiting the orphanage with him(Riqqi) was the C.E.O of the Label OIL BLOC,his manager Mr A.Y and our correspondent Worulecool, *and as they say *to whom Much is given much is expected,Riqqi is currently working on his new singles #MY MUSIC#which is to drop anytime soon. The Port-Harcourt born, Lagos based singer revealed to our correspondent that he’s preparing for his Radio Tour which will kick off from Lagos and the Rest of the cities, you can’t help but love this young talent with a good heart and he’s ready to deliver!.

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