Lupe Fiasco Denies Kingpin Ties


Rapper Lupe Fiasco is at the center of a lawsuit filed by Inita Patton, the estranged wife of Charles “Chilly” Patton. TMZ reported that she’s suing Lupe because she believes Lupe helped Chilly Patton, who is serving 44 years in prison, hide $9 million from his wife.

Lupe responded to the story with sarcasm via Twitter.

“So if y’all using drug money to buy my albums or concert tickets then I guess it would be drug money hahahaha…stupid a** media,” he tweeted. “It’s not drug money…it’s actually money from people who come to Lupe Fiasco shows, buy albums or tshirts…hahhaha.”

“Also…ahem, ahem…you can’t sue for drug money…I mean like let’s really think about that…” he added. “Hahahahaha…hiding my own money from somebody else’s wife??!!!…aint that a b*tch! #FreeChilly”lupefiasco090413500

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