BBA Sex Romp: Fans Slam Nigeria’s Beverly Osu


Nigerian fans of the Big Brother Africa have condemned Ada Beverly Osu, one of the country’s representatives, at the ongoing reality TV show over her sex romp with Angelo Collins, a South African housemate.

Beverly was slammed for finally succumbing to sexual urges and unprotected sex with the dude on Friday night under the duvet and later in the bath tub all under the prying lenses of BBA.

Since the still and motion pictures of the video went viral on social media, it has set off rage with many condemning Beverly’s moral rectitude, especially over her admission of her highly active libido.

Ada Beverly Osu

Ada Beverly Osu


Nollywood top director, Charles Novia, was the first notable figure to lash out at Beverly, aligning himself with Professor Wole Soyinka’s statement made a few years back that BBA is “pervasive and debasing”.

“The latest furore generated by Nigeria’s representative, Beverly Osu, over her unlimited libido is as shameful to many as it is interesting to others….Beverly represents a whoring Nigeria which seem to get nothing right but just allows itself to be screwed both by internal and external interests,” Novia said.

Another angry fan, Evelyn Obaro was more acerbic as she lashed out at the BBA star via her twitterhandle @evediva . “I am not surprised at all, this Beverly is living fully up to her surname ‘OSU’ which means ‘Outcast’,” wrote Evelyn.

One Christian Adinde asked: “It’s a pity. All these for money and fame? This girl has lost the sense of shame. Must Naija girls disgrace this blessed country in the BBA.”

Another fan who simply called herself Dobby worried about the consequence of Beverly’s actions upon her return home. Her words: “I hope she wins the game. No matter how grown up you try to make the game seem, the fact still remains that she was sent as a representative of not just her family and friends, but also her country and Nigerian female folks in general.

“Whatever image she projects there might be seen as a norm in our already messed up society. The previous winners-Karen, Utti and Kevin- didn’t have to reduce their moral standards in a bid to win the BBA game and they all still won.

And the video people are talking about: Beverly’s sex romp with Collins

However, it’s not all condemnation for Beverly. To some, she’s just been real as the show is all about one real self.

Uti Nwachukwu, winner of same BBA in 2010, some weeks ago came to Beverly’s aid via a series of Twitter messages.

“Hold up. Y’all need to go easy on Beverly. It takes a lot of discipline and grace from God to fight KOnji in that house after 2 months. No vex,” the former BBA winner tweeted.

Uti added: “That game is not easy at all. If you are a sexually active person and you like sex, three months is a long time to be celibate. Let’s not be hypocrites. If there were cameras in our homes, most of us won’t be able to show our faces in public.”

One Andrew James was on the same page with Uti. James posted on his facebook wall: “To all the hypocrites, when she was going for the auditions and paying for cab, did you sponsor her in anything? Now she is at the game and you all want her to do your moral bidding. She’s the real star in that house.”

Another anonymous commentator defended Beverly: “Anyone who never sin before should cast the first stone. Critics should let her be and don’t judge. We should commend this girl for been bold enough to do what we do in private. Tomorrow, you will all still love her and she will get married after all every pot of soup get cover.”

Another female fan said Beverly has neither committed any crime nor gone against any written rule with her sexual act: “Don’t you guys have an idea of what Big Brother is all about? Don’t you at least have an idea that the show ain’t for kids and holy holy viewers? Beverly is an adult and has a right to do whatever pleases her. Sex and many more sex happen in every Big Brother house be it Africa, UK or Australia.”

Angelo and Beverly began flirting with each other two weeks ago. On several occasions, in oral sex.

However, Beverly took the ‘lovey-dovey’ a step higher as she opened up to her heartthrob about her not too glorious lifestyle in order to make ends meet.

She repeatedly admitted to have slept with various men to take care of herself and her folks, as well as allegedly aborted four month pregnancy for a popular Nigerian rap star (name witheld).

The “O leku” music video vixen told Angelo how much she’s in love with the dread-locked South African.

Lover boy, Collins also reciprocated by telling her of his affections for her.

And as their intimacy grew in intensity, they seized every opportunity to be alone and indulged in erotic feelings, shared make-out sessions and ultimately climaxed it with a sex romp at the weekend.

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