Lagos building collapse avoidable –NIOB



Scene of  the tragedy ... on Sunday 

The Nigerian Institute of Building has said the increasing rate of building collapse in the state is preventable.

It said such development was avoidable because the country had good soil texture in most areas.

Speaking with our correspondent on the telephone on Saturday, President of the NIOB, Mr. Chuks Omeife, said there was a need to review the requirements for building approval.

According to him, one of the reasons why the problem is recurring is as a result of a missing link between design and execution in building.

Omeife said, “The current approval is outdated and deficient. There should be the inclusion of builders’ document as a pre-condition for the granting of approval or work permit or commencement of work on site. This will minimise the incursion of quacks into this important critical stage of procurement and should be followed with strict monitoring to ensure that the requirement is satisfied.”

The NIOB president said the document would ensure quality management plan, health and safety plan and construction programme of work.

He added that the involvement of a builder at the construction stage would eliminate ignorance, negligence, carelessness, poor workmanship and inadequate concrete mixture.

“The builder will be held responsible and liable for any collapse due except if the design is faulty or inadequate leading to wrong design specifications. The professional takes responsibility for any mishap and is accountable to his professional body,” he said.

According to him, the lack of punitive measure to perpetrators of collapse building is a great motivation and a big factor contributing to building collapse.


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