LOOKBOOK: MI LE’s Sophisticated Asymetric Charm For A/W 2013 Collection

LOOKBOOK: MI LE’s Sophisticated Asymetric Charm For A/W 2013 Collection

Nigerian born designer Ponmile Olawoye carries on with her journey exploring the study of Botany-the concept of evolution and structure of plants as well as 1930s and 1940s fashion.

Mi-Le /meelay/ is a contemporary womenswear brand focused on creating garments that are skilfully draped and wearable. Mi-’s signature style is sophisticated charm, fancy but rational.

“This collection was inspired by a flower native to Africa, “ADENIUM MULTIFLORUM”– a winter blooming plant. Its flowers and leaves will begin to develop on the plant during winter and they will last until summer.

The A/W ’13-14 collection consists of one-piece suits (a cross-breed of the 1940s “siren suit” and ‘utility suit”), cocktail dresses and constant play with asymmetry in jewel tones of Purples and Blues.

This collection is dedicated to the fashion forward woman. Ponmile Olawoye has spent years learning every side of the industry. Discovering her love for color and shape at a young age, she studied Fashion Design and Technology, holds a BA Degree in Business Management. She worked part-time in Fashion Retail during her study and worked with a notable established fashion house in Nigeria after her study.

In October 2012, the Mi-Le aesthetic was introduced to the Nigerian fashion scene taking part in LFDW (Lagos Fashion and Design Week).

Mi Le AW2013 Collection 1- (360nobs.com) Mi Le AW2013 Collection 3- (360nobs.com) Mi Le AW2013 Collection 4- (360nobs.com) Mi Le AW2013 Collection 5- (360nobs.com) Mi Le AW2013 Collection 6- (360nobs.com) Mi Le AW2013 Collection 7- (360nobs.com) Mi Le AW2013 Collection 8- (360nobs.com) Mi Le AW2013 Collection 9- (360nobs.com) Mi Le AW2013 Collection 10- (360nobs.com)

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