JOBS IN NIGERIA: Vacancies at Action Against Hunger – Nigerian Job Vacancy

Objective 1: To co-ordinate logistics activities at mission level and provide proper support to

programs. This involves supporting and build the capacities of all staffs involvedd in logistics activities (including planning capacities for programmmanagers), liaising with programs & support services, training new staff, supervising orders, supply, freight, communications, equipment and fleet management, construction, to ensure procedures are applied. Coordination with programs will be given special emphasis.

Objective 2: To optimise the logistics department in the mission in collaboration with the logistics team on the field. To analyse logistics needs and expenditures. This will involve forecasting financial needs for the running of our programs operations, providing monthly fund forecast, optimising equipment use. To strengthen ACF kit log V3 procedures on each base and to set up a proper control system. To organise logistics and security training.
Objective 3: To manage aspects of mission security as delegated by Country Director, and to follow security developments in country. To propose and develop updates to the security plans and security procedures when needed or when requested by the HOM. To brief and sensitize the staff (international, regional and national) on security. To strengthen ACFinformation network including all the parties.
Detailed Objectives
Objective 1 : Coordination of logistics at national level
Activities :
  • Elaboration and follow-up of the mission logistics organization:
    • Supply chain
    • Equipment management
    • Fleet management
    • Communication
    • Rehabilitation
  • Specification and forecast of the needed logistics means
    • Elaboration of the financial plan
    • Control of the monthly expenditures forecast of the bases
    • Planning and management of the logistic budget lines
    • Expenditure control and analysis
  • Implementation and standardization of the logistic procedures as defined in the kitlog V3
  • In collaboration with technical staff ,elaboration of the logistics implication in the proposals
    • Assessment of logistic needs
    • Evaluation of the costs and feasibility for the supplies
    • Draft of the procurement planning & logistics budget
    • Study of any donors specific rules
    • Preparation of necessary derogations
    • Involvement in donor report.
Objective 2 : Equipment management
Activities :
  • Definition of the equipment needs of the mission
  • Forecast of the funding.
  • Supervision of the use and maintenance of the equipments present on the bases
  • Follow-up of the equipments on the mission (Equipment list)
Objective 3 : Human Resources
Activities :
  • Coordination, training, support of the logistics staff for the bases and supervision for the capital
  • Briefing new staffs at national and international level (security + logistics)
  • Forecast of the HR logistics needs in collaboration with other coordinators
    • Definition of job descriptions
    • Update of the logistics chart on the mission
    • Collaboration with the Administrator and HR Manager for staff financial plan
Objective 4 : Management of the security (as delegated by and under direct supervison of the HoM)
Activities :
  • Participation into the context analysis
    • Collection of information at mission level
    • Analyses and Networking with partners and stakeholders
    • Communication of security relevant information to HoM
  • Security Plan
    • Design of the bases Security Plans (validation by HoM)
    • Elaboration & of updated of the mission Security Plan
    • Control of the consistency and updates of the Security Plan
  • Expatriates and nationals staff training on security
  • Involvement in crisis and incident management under the supervision of HoM
Objective 5 : Reporting and analysis
Activities :
  • Mission Logistics Report as define in kit log V3: compilation & consolidation of all logistic reports (bases + capital):
    • Narrative of activity
    • Stock reports
    • In-kind donation reports
    • Car-costs
    • Equipment list
    • Logistic HR chart (if updated)
    • Security plan (if updated)
  • Donors reporting:
    • Preparation of the pre-final & final donors reports (Log narrative, equipment & stocks)
    • Transmission to the Country director
Objective 6 : Representation
Activities :
  • Representation of ACF for in-kind donations aspects to the donor agencies as delegated by the Country Director
  • In charge of the reporting to these agencies and other donors about any relevant logistic aspect
Education / specific degree / special skills:
  • Relevent academic studies in supply chain & Logistics Management
  • Experience in staff management, project follow up, security management
  • To be well organized and rigorous
  • Team spirit and good communication qualities
  • Good general knowledge in IT, mechanic, radio & satellite communications
  • High sense of diplomacy with
  • Humanitarian field experience requested: YES

2) Job: CMAM Coverage Specialist

Contract duration:  6 months
Starting date in-country: June 2013
Objective 1: Overall management of the CIFF funded CMAM Coverage program in their 13 States in collaboration with Nutrition implementing partners
  • Oversee the management of the program and coordinate with Nutrition organizations (including Save the Children, Valid International, UNICEF Ministries of Health and other government staff).
  • Brief local authorities about the goals and objectives of the Coverage program, methodology used (SQUEAC) via organization and co-facilitation of workshops at federal and state level.
  • Coordinate with Save the Children and ACF’s Technical, Logistics, Admin and HR departments to ensure efficient program activity implementation.
  • Provide on-the-job training and support to Coverage program teams during coverage assessments.
  • Ensure SQUEAC methodology is applied for an accurate data collection process at the field level, pertinent data analysis, good reporting quality, and timely findings dissemination.
  • Ensure adequate supervision and coordination of the survey teams in the field.
  • Collect relevant reference materials for report writing.
  • Organize workshop and debrief on the preliminary findings of SQUEAC at state level.
Objective 2: Design and planning of CMAM coverage assessments
  • Facilitate the decision making process of why, when, where and how to carry out coverage assessments in collaboration with partners and the Nutrition Coordinator (Nut Co).
  • Support Coverage program teams in designing work plans, identifying appropriate timeframes, logistics planning and within financial limits.
  • Build the capacity of the Coverage teams in planning, implementation, analysis and reporting of coverage assessments, as a means of providing recommendation for improved CMAM program impact and toward CMAM scale up in Nigeria.
  • Support the Ministry of Health (or any relevant government staff) in ensuring good coverage data is collected, collated and shared for decision making and program monitoring when needed.
Objective 3: Transfer skills in undertaking the coverage investigation to Coverage teams including key state team members to capacitate them in carrying out similar coverage assessments independently
  • Build the capacity of State or Local Government Area (LGA) Nutrition staff,  state level national bureau of statistics (NBS) and partner focal persons in the planning, implementation and documentation of coverage assessments.
  • Train data collectors on the coverage investigation.
  • Provide support to the Coverage teams during data analysis, the documentation of coverage results (e.g. report writing) and the development of programmatic and strategic recommendations for improving CMAM program performance.
  • Build the relevant government staff analytical capacities to improve nutrition policy and practice, to increase exchange of technical and programmatic information relating to CMAM program design and implementation.
Objective 4: Identify key issues influencing (positively and negatively) the performance of CMAM programs in each state
  • Identify themes, trends and factors influencing CMAM program quality and performances  through coverage assessments.
  • Explore the implication of these issues on nutrition policy and practice, at a state and national level.
  • Liaise with the Nut Co, and other nutrition stakeholders for the dissemination of key findings.
  • Attend coverage monitoring meetings and share relevant themes, trends and other factors influencing nutrition policy and practice.
Objective 5:  Information Management & Sharing
  • Present preliminary findings of the coverage investigation to the key stakeholders at the state level.
  • Produce draft and final report with action oriented recommendations.
  • Regularly share information about the progress of the project with nutrition stakeholders ensuring that lessons learned are regularly and adequately documented at national, regional and global level.
  • Contribute to the development of project outputs including SQUEAC reports, end of mission reports, capitalization documents, and policy papers.
  • Minutes of SQUEAC findings meeting organized at State level
  • ACF internal weekly and monthly reports
  • End of mission report
  • Master Degree in a field related to statistics, public health nutrition, epidemiology or any other related discipline
  • Demonstrable experience in the implementation and management of or provision of technical support to nutrition programs (including Community-based Management of Acute Malnutrition)
  • Prior experience in coverage assessments (e.g. CSAS, SQUEAC, SLEAC, S3M)
  • Prior capacity building/training experience essential
  • Excellent communication skills essential
  • Prior evaluation experience an asset
  • Ability to create solutions or responses to problems in an autonomous way
  • Proven ability to work independently
  • High level of English written and oral communication essential
  • Initiative
  • Planning, Organizing and Coordinating
  • Commitment to Continuous Learning
  • Team Work and Cooperation
  • Listening, Understanding and Responding
  • Analytical thinking
  • Strategic Orientation
  • Problem Solving
  • Developing Others

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