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INSPIRED BY; Much shout about 2015 elections in 2013, making it seem the latter immediately precedes the former. If in 2013 we have all this ‘noise’, then what happens 2014?


                                          WHAT HAPPENS 2014?


What happens 2014?

Our elections much shout about nothing;

Mid 2013 here we find ourselves;

Already our leaders fight themselves;

Minority south-south;

Since little then why shout?

See jubilating south-west;

Dancing in hastily customized vests;

 Up north so heated and hot;

Like sharp sand beneath roasting groundnut;

‘We have a good idea they have not’;

Much oppositions in tribunals and courts;


What happens 2014?

Would arms fly and heads roll;

Or sudden death lil’ children and teens;

Perhaps bad leaders on death roll;

Nemesis catching up they might know;

That we stand as one our great wish;

No more meetings of Oz the great witch;

No war no fire unleashed;

And in mass we could cast our votes;

Deep in the ballot we would toss;

These we hope you don’t exchange;

No manipulating no stock exchange;


What happens 2014?

Standing penultimate to the great year;

If by 2013 opposition parties courting;

To that main party they pose a great fear;

On whose side would power come?

Which ethnic would overcome?

Annoying questions roam our ears;

Ethnicity we really don’t care;

For suffering we no longer can bare;

On good leadership let’s focus;

Quit shout on our face no mucus;

Lead us like did master Jesus;



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