‘My Gaga is different from Chuddy K’s’ – DONNA DIVA (@iamdonnadivaful)

‘My Gaga is different from Chuddy K’s’


Donna Diva is presently blowing hot with her song, Gaga. Its video, which will soon be released, is tipped to become one of the hottest as it is made up of crazy fascinating scenes. She however tells OSEYIZA OOGBODO that she is not copying her colleague, Chuddy K, whose song, Gaga Crazy, was a smash hit last year.

Is it Chuddy K’s Gaga Crazy that inspired your own Gaga?

No, no, not really. My Gaga, you know, I’m from Urhobo and we’ve ogaga in our own language meaning power, so that’s what inspired mine, not Chuddy K’s.

I just wanted to do something different, something crazy, because I’m a creative person and I like abstract things so I wanted to make a song which can interprete my costume and my crazy things that I wanted to do so I did the song Gaga. Actually I did my own before Chuddy K released his own so I was like ‘God, he’s done the song oh’ but I still had to go ahead with mine.

If you recorded yours before him, why didn’t you release it before him?

Exactly! I was not planning to drop Gaga first. I just did it, and then a lot of people were telling me ‘Oh this song is good, you have to release it next’ and all that.

I was actually supposed to drop a love song, Ori Mi, that’s what I was working on, but then along the line, people were telling me Gaga is great, you need to get it out, so I started working on it seriously because I just dropped the vocals, I just did freestyle initially, and then some months later, I saw that Chuddy K had dropped his and I was like ‘Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, he’s dropped Gaga oh’ so I had to wait a while to drop mine.

How do you then feel that people feel that you are copying him?

A lot of people indeed ask me if I’m copying him. They also ask me if I’m trying to emulate Lady Gaga and I tell them no, we’ve nothing in common, she’s an extremist, yes, and I think she’s too extreme for me, and anyway, I’m not trying to copy any of them.

You’ve admitted that your style is crazy and abstract. Why do you prefer such a style and not the sexy style considering how beautiful and attractive you are?

Well, I’m not going to stick to one kind of style per se. It depends on the song, its words and its interpretation. For each song I write, I’m going to interprete it in my video. If it’s a crazy song, then the video will be crazy and so on and so forth.

Many of your colleagues have been going the gaga way since Chuddy K’s Gaga Crazy. Do you think your Gaga can be as big as or even bigger than his?

By God’s grace. There’s nothing that God cannot do. If this song is meant to be a super hit worldwide, if God wants it like that, then it will surely be. But if not, I’ve learnt to give thanks to God in every situation as everything happens for a reason.

What is your view of the school of thought that says it’s more difficult for female artists to become successful?

I don’t agree with it. We are all different people and what we think matters a lot. I think I’m going to be very, very big, both nationally and internationally. I don’t believe I’ll have any limits, no limitations for me. I don’t buy that idea that it’s tougher for females. If you work hard, if you do the right thing, if you are unique, if you have the talent, if you have God, you will stand out.

So why are you females not as big as the males?

Because it’s now, just recently that we started taking music seriously as in seriously. Before, it was all about guys, guys doing their thing. Girls were just behind the scene. Like me, I did behind the scenes for a very, very long time.

But it’s all about time too, so it might take time but eventually we girls will be up there with the boys.

What is different about you?

Everything. My vocals, my pattern of music, dress code, album, concepts and all.

How are your vocals different? Is it not the regular way others sing that you sing?

It’s definitely not the regular. Sometimes, when you hear songs, they will say ‘Oh, the singer sounds like …’ So for me, I want to sound different. So for my voice will stand on its own and stand me out so when you hear it, you will know it’s me. Like the way I know it’s Tiwa Savage singing when I hear her voice.

How is your music different?

It’s a little bit of everything. It might seem confusing but it’s not. I don’t want to stick to eating just egusi or banga soup. And it’s not that I’m greedy. Maybe it’s because I’ve done live band and I’ve sung all kinds of songs, Indian, Egyptian, everything, so I can’t afford to just go and do one R & B all through in my song.

Why haven’t you aligned with Kennis Music, EME, Storm Records, etc?

Well, let’s say if I get a very good deal with any of them, I’m willing to sign. I’ve gone too far to sign just any sort of deal. I’ve spent so much doing it by myself with my family so it will have to be a very reasonable deal for me to consider it as I’m not desperate.

But isn’t it difficult running it by yourself ?

It’s difficult because you come across a lot of wrong people who are not sincere.

What’s the nasty experience you’ve had on stage?

It was when I went to perform somewhere and one guy grabbed my ass.

Is that nasty, when Adewale Ayuba was shot and Jimmy Jatt fell off a stage?

It’s nasty. He just grabbed it like he owns it, like I’m his girlfriend. I was shocked, believe me. And I couldn’t slap him so I warned him not to try it again.

What lesson have you learnt?

Don’t let people discourage you. Don’t let them kill your dream.



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