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Annie Macaulay-Idibia 

Recently married Annie Macaulay Idibia says being music star, Tuface Idibia’s wife has been no challenge.

Annie, who spoke with an online news portal, Ibaka tv, on location of a movie, Girls in the mood, Annie Macaulay Idibia, says if at all there is any challenge, it will be that 24-hours is no more enough for her to take care of her two babies.

Beaming with smiles, she says,

“It has been nice, everything I thought and much more. There are no challenges; the only thing is shuffling my work, my home and my kid. I have so much to attend to; I almost feel like 24 hours is not enough. Now I have work, I have my daughter and I have my husband -my two babies to take care of. I also have my own personal runs. So, it is always very busy, my days are always extremely busy.”

Her husband, Tuface, actually sprung a surprise on her on her birthday. He showed up with cake on location. Obviously surprised by his visit, Annie describes her husband’s surprise visit as cute.

She says, “I was supposed to film half day but eventually filmed till pretty late, at about 9.30pm. I am sure he got tired of waiting. I don’t know how he did it with the director and he got the cake. I was just filming and he walked in and everybody started singing ‘Happy birthday’. It was nice and I thought that was cute. I was surprised that he came; I wasn’t expecting to see him.”

In the movie, she plays the character of a girl named Tessy who is a drug addict. The producer of the movie, Prince Iyke Olisa, says this about her character. “She was a drug addict raped at the age of 13 by her uncle. The man denied and the wife sent her out of the home. She was introduced, forced into a kind of odd life. She started living wrong and ended up a drug addict and all manner of things.”

The Tessy character however fascinates Annie as she keeps  saying how much she loves the character. According to her, she has never played a role like that and the character is a direct contrast to who she really is.

Annie says, “I play the character called Tessy, I actually really love this character. It is something I have not played before. She is a drug addict; she takes a lot of cocaine, weed, cigarettes, drinks- she is just a very reckless girl. I think what is fascinating about the character is that she is an addict. She is always itchy and when she doesn’t have her fix, she needs to get some. I love the character; it is different from anything that I have played. There was a time she was in jail for about four days and she had had it up to here, she was all itchy and saying she needs her fix. She is a very reckless girl and she is the exact opposite of who I am. I love the fact that I could step out of Annie Macaulay Idibia’s shoes and be somebody else who is totally reckless. I love the character totally.”

She adds that a character she will also love to play is either a blind girl or a hardened criminal.

Annie also states that she has never got advances from marketers or producers.

She says, “I really want to play the role of a blind girl; I want to play a hardened criminal. I have not faced advances from directors or producers. Before when they say it, I don’t get it. I just believe that if you have what it takes, if you have the talent, then eventually you will be called upon. I don’t think there is any field they don’t harass women but if you have it, eventually someone is going to see it and give you a chance. ‘Fear no gree them o’. Nobody tried to hit on me on that level.”

Meanwhile, the couple was spotted last weekend at the MTV Africa All Stars Concert where Tuface flaunted his wedding ring.

“It is official for those who don’t know,” he says, while showing off his  ring.

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